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Taos Nutrition 

Maggie Minter, MS, NBC-HWC

Maggie is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach serving Northern New Mexico and beyond. Through comprehensive and individualized counseling sessions, each client receives a personalized diet plan that is designed to help them reach and maintain their health and fitness goals. Maggie believes in replacing bad habits with good ones, reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look and feel better for the rest of your life. Revolutionize your life. Get in touch today. 

A Unique Philosophy

The main force behind Taos 
Nutrition is a deep desire to help individuals achieve optimal health through nutrition. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or disease prevention and support, or just  to feel better both mentally and physically, Taos Nutrition can help. Each client is individually evaluated and provided with an in-depth, comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives. Maggie believes in the functional aspect of foods to reduce inflammation, prevent disease and improve physical and mental health.

Low Calorie Salad

About Taos Nutrition


Maggie transformed her life and physical health through guided nutrition and exercise.  Seeing the significant impact in her own life, she enrolled in a Nutrition and Human Performance Masters program to better understand the science behind nutritional transformation. After graduating as the Valedictorian, she dedicated her life toward helping others revolutionize their lives and bodies.

As a nutrition coach, Maggie's main focus includes nutrition for microbiome support, nutrition for pain and inflammation, natural therapies, nutrition and detox and nutrition and physical performance.

Health Shake

Health Services

Taos Nutrition is here to support you in pursuit of your health goals. In addition to weight loss counseling, allergy management, and health and wellness management, Maggie specializes in Sports Nutrition Counseling. Whatever your health goals, Taos Nutrition can help you achieve them! We strongly believe that for real change to take root and grow,  an initial commitment of 6 months is necessary; however, we know that sometimes that can seem daunting and are currently offering a 3 month period as well for some services. 

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Green Goodness

Nutritional Counseling

Maggie  is dedicated to helping you reach your optimal health through eating right for your unique body and history. Dietary choices can impact mental health, GI issues, pain, fatigue and discomfort, as well as weight loss and gain. Get personalized nutritional plans with weekly zoom meetings and email support. Maggie is here to help you succeed!

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

The Nutrition and Fitness Coaching service is a unique hybrid program integrating fitness coaching and nutritional counseling that will take your health and fitness to the next level. During one-on-one sessions, Maggie offers results-driven workouts coupled with in-depth, personalized nutritional plans to help clients achieve their performance goals and optimize training and recovery.

Deb, Taos, NM

"The work we’ve done has reduced my joint pain and increased my metabolism. It has also established some new habits that are very sustainable."

Lenore, NY

"Working with Maggie has been life changing! She was able to successfully develop a general health plan, including nutrition and exercise, that addressed my weight-loss and fitness goals. Maggie's approach to subtly work nutrition and exercise into my daily routine made so much more sense than doing traditional "diets". She was able to understand how to create a lifestyle that works for me at this point in time in my life - making it so much easier to be successful! I'm no longer hypertensive and am well on my way to my goal weight. All the material and support she provided made me accountable and aware! Truly life changing. Highly, highly recommend for anyone - Maggie will create a unique plan that works for you."
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"Associate with people who are likely to improve you"


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