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How much time does nutritional counseling take?

That depends on the individual, what your goals are, what your history is and

what will work best for you. It takes a MINIMUM of 3 months to change habits, I 

wouldn't put a time frame on it, being healthy and mindful is a lifetime process.

Do I have to weigh my food?

Again, that depends on the individual, what you have tried in the past, goals and what

will work best for you.

Do you guarantee that I'll lose weight?

I guarantee your body composition will change if you are consistent and follow 

your plan. I guarantee that you will lose fat, however there are instances where

the scale may not move much if you are also building muscle. But yes, I guarantee 

your body will change.

A lot of programs promise results in a month. Why does it take a 6 month commitment with you?

Change takes time. Healthy, sustainable weight loss is not a quick process and 

requires a time commitment. If you are not ready to commit at least 6 months to 

changing your habits and lifestyle, you probably aren't really ready.

Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods?

That depends what your favorite foods are. If you are asking about pizza and

Hostess cupcakes, then yes, at least until you have a good handle on eating

and your health. Once that happens, you probably won't want to eat that except on

rare occasions.

Do you offer meal planning?

I do not offer full meal planning. My goal is to teach you how to recognize what

you should be eating. I do have many tips and tricks and even recipes that I am 

eager to share.

What are macros?


Macros or macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Do you work with pregnant women?

Absolutely! Pregnancy is a great time to optimize your health and your child's health

through healthy eating.

Do you work with vegans/vegetarians?

I am happy to discuss food preferences with you and see if we are a good match.

I have chronic disease and take a lot of medications to manage it. Can you work with me?

Most definitely! Underlying reasons for chronic inflammation can oftentimes be 

reduced or even eliminated with the right plan. I will not offer medical advice and 

expect you to keep your physician aware of your diet.

What's the microbiome?

Ahhh, the microbiome! One of my favorite things to talk about. We are made up of

a whole world of microbes on and in every part of our bodies. Beneficial microbes are

involved in keeping us healthy, while unwanted microbes can contribute to illness. In many people, the balance of good and bad microbes 

is off and can lead to many health problems from inflammation to IBS to depression,

to deficiencies etc...If you are interested in reading more click here. 

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